Joseph Stahl

Medical student and software developer

  1. Tegrity Downloader

    A small bookmarklet to download videos from Tegrity

  2. 2017 in Review

    A graduation, 1640 miles of running, and more!

  3. The Next 4 Years

    I'm starting medical school!

  4. Separating a MongoDB connection from Express v4

    How to separate a MongoDB connectionn from Express so that different MongoDB connections can be used in the same application (i.e. one for running the application and one for unit tests

  5. January 2017 Update

    An update on the past year and what's coming up

  6. What I'm Reading, January 2016

    Finished Better Angels and on to new books

  7. Vienna, the final week

    I spent my final week in Vienna visiting cemeteries, eating cake, and watching "horse ballet". And oddly enough, these are all important parts of Viennese culture!

  8. Munich and Budapest

    Beer in Munich, paprika in Budapest, and trains all over Europe. This week I traveled around central Europe and saw the incredible size of the Holy Roman Empire.

  9. Vienna, Week 2

    I studied church architecture, visited a monastery, took a cruise on the Danube past centuries-old castles, and bought chocolate. Yep, a normal week in Vienna!

  10. Vienna, Week 1

    After an unexpected detour through Basel, I finally arrived in Vienna! My first week was a whirlwind of eating Austrian food, visiting museums, and countless amazing views of Wien.